Dashboards are important tools in today’s dynamic environment to monitor historical trends and day-to-day activities of enterprises via an easy to understand graphical interface. Decision makers will have ready access to key performance indicators, actionable information that can be used to actively guide business performance. iCAST dashboards provide alignment and visibility across the enterprise by allowing business users to define, monitor and analyze business performance via Industry specific performance indicators. Maintaining consistent views of the business throughout an organization can be a challenging task. iCAST Dashboards are designed to provide a 360 degree view of the enterprise and incorporates best practices of the “Balanced Scorecard” approach to provide consistent views from five distinct perspectives: Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors and Internal processes. It delivers customized Performance Indicators for all these constituents of the Enterprise. It delivers a world-class metrics framework and benchmarking capabilities that allow institutions to gain insights across the organization. It arms business executives with the power to make astute and competitive business decisions


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of productivity
  • Develop a common vehicle for monitoring and improving performance
  • Understand performance from a variety of perspectives
  • Build consensus on key performance measures and drivers
  • Clarify accountability around specific metrics
  • Enable performance benchmarking with competitors and best-in-class companies