iCAST Analytical Engine leverages information assets within the organisation by framing an on demand enterprise delivering high performance. It is a comprehensive, unified platform for creating, managing and distributing analytical intelligence. It encourages enterprises to interactively exploit information assets to build multi-dimensional reports. The insight gained from such reports helps enterprises respond quickly to business conditions, become flexible and dynamically responsive leveraging the best-of-breed analytical functionality and industry best practices to create knowledge on Profitability, Customer Satisfaction and ROI of the enterprise. The iCAST Analytical Cube Studio enables institutions create cube definitions that organize data in multiple business dimensions.

It provides users the ability to easily navigate through and “slice and dice” data, with the ability to drill down across different dimensions. Users can also insert new data elements and perform scenario analysis, search, sort, format, and filter or pivot the data. It includes trend analysis, predictive forecasting and pattern analysis for guided decision-making processes.

Information Mining

iCAST information mining provides proven statistical algorithms to build models that predict customer behaviour and perform several related analysis. The process is enhanced with automated mining processes integrated with enterprise warehouses and other systems to provide interesting statistics on customer behaviour and product analysis for marketing professions and other business users. This understanding allows enterprises to design customised marketing campaigns that align closely with the needs and wants of customers.