Collaboration is a vital tool for today’s business performance management and personalization. iCAST’s collaborative environment provides visibility across the enterprise by allowing business users to define, monitor and analyze business performance. It provides a single place on the web where users can access and analyze information with an intuitive interface with rich visualisation capabilities enabling extended collaboration and web based analytical features to enhance enterprise operations outside the workplace. It integrates people, processes and data for unified collaboration of enterprise information assets. It allows users to publish and share the information in a collaborative environment and ensures that each person in the enterprise is presented a common view of key metrics and performance indicators. iCAST collaborates enterprises for decision making by delivering financial intelligence and customer intelligence. Department specific KPIs are delivered with multidimensional views such as historical trends and future predictions based on the CBM Model. It collects information by ‘logically’ grouping data to provide the greatest visibility for cross-analysis. Graphical representations and easy to understand key performance indicators enable decision makers to visualize trends, patterns and relationships that affect the bottom line. It provides appealing visual alerts and personalization components customized to the personal preferences of each user. Interactive drill-through features help decision makers analyze cause effect scenarios. Users can share and view reports with other enterprise users. They can embed comments in reports, send or publish reports to a list of users or set up a workflow that requires a predefined group of users to review critical information.

The top management is provided with dashboards with KPIs, event based alerts and exception reports. The middle management is provided with trends and analysis reports. The field staff benefits from and actionable information at the operational level.