iCAST Symphony

for smart mobile devices

Access iCASTís dashboards while away from your desk Field force can make informed decisions spontaneously

iCAST Symphony displays Performance Monitoring Dashboards in a standard browser on smart mobile devices It brings true pervasive Business Intelligence into the organisation At the Senior Management Level, a 24 X 7, 360 degree view of the enterprise will be available At the Middle Management Level, round-the-clock information is available to aid decision making that will positively impact the quality of decisions taken, particularly in cases of emergencies after office hours or when Managers are away from their desks At the operational level, all officers of the company will have access to information that allows them to better service customers, make better sales calls, arrive at better product mixes for prospective customers, present better cross-sales / up-sell options, improve collection campaigns, etc. All that is required is a mobile device (Android, Apple, Backberry or Microsoft) with data communications enabled to carry your information with you wherever you go and use it to take informed decisions always or to make an instant, highly convincing presentation.

You will be able to project your data-driven visualizations to everyone, anytime, anywhere.