A flattening world has demolished traditional barriers, increasing global competition. Cost and Margins are under constant pressure, creating the need to constantly adapt to new challenges. There is a continuous demand to improve operational efficiency, increase flexibility and create new business processes. The iCAST Financial Intelligence & Compliance Management solution is a comprehensive and flexible platform for garnering business intelligence and enabling performance visibility. It provides an integrated value chain model that aims at providing a realistic 360 degree view of the enterprise and broaden the scope of leveraging business Intelligence.

iCAST Enterprise-wide BI consists pre-built knowledge models for specific business domains and functional departments by using the Component Business Model approach. It delivers substantial benefits to Global Corporations in improving customer retention, increasing sales and accurately predicting future financial performance. It helps institutions increase customer wallet share by providing services based on understanding and mastering customer needs and behaviour throughout their lifespan.

Users can schedule and publish reports to any channel, including the web, mail, printer, wireless devices and in a host of formats like Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, etc.


  • Real-time access to transactional information to quickly identify root cause of issues
  • Standardized and aligned measurements to monitor and assess corporate performance
  • Scorecards and trend analysis of historical data to identify performance trends and recurring issues