A substantial amount of regulation has been implemented world-wide in financial systems during the past decade. A plethora of methodologies and technologies for managing risks and rewards have been evolved. iCAST Advanced Risk Analytics supports quantification and management of credit, market and operational risks on a consistent basis. It provides an integrated enterprise view of economic and regulatory capital through the Risk Management suite. Enterprises can demonstrate defensible and accurate standards to accounting boards and relevant institutions. This helps meet legal responsibilities and adopt emerging risk based reporting standards. With it, financial institutions can analyze and explore data to compute ‘integrated key risk indicators’. It delivers a full suite of modern risk techniques as required for compliance norms like Monte Carlo simulations, Scenario Analysis, Potential Exposure, etc.

Real-time access to information from instruments and portfolios across business lines with integrated ‘rule & process’ analytics helps to make astute and timely decisions. In addition to quantification of risk exposures and risk-adjusted profitability the product has predefined profitability summarisations at different levels such as account, customer, business unit and product levels. It optimises capital and risk associated with operations to achieve efficient allocation of risk capital while measuring and controlling risks from new business activities. Credit Risk Analysis analyses risk in terms of earnings volatility due to variations in credit losses with typical measures such as Total Risk, Weighted Assets, Capital Adequacy Ratio and dimensions such as Financial Institution Organization Group Reporting Structure, Arrangement Time To Maturity Segment, etc.

The Risk Analysis suite offers an extensive array of risk analytics ranging from probabilistic measures such as VaR to key parameters such as Collateral Score, Expected Loss Rate, PD, EAD, LGD and Market Risk Rate, etc. to increase profitability and mitigate probable risk. Overall, iCAST Risk Intelligence will create financial transparency, mitigate exposures and provide ‘Integrated Enterprise Risk Assessment Methodologies’ required for today’s financial institutions.