The iCAST BPM suite incorporates sophisticated monitoring and process analysis functionality allowing firms to rapidly optimize processes across the enterprise, rather than merely route work and documents between employees. This helps to define how their processes and policies should be, how their systems and people should interact and ensures compliance to procedure and policy at execution time. It automates core policies of the business lines, creating analyze-to-action processes and cuts the cost of application changes resulting in significant financial savings. On-demand, event driven process & data integration helps to integrate historic and operational data for analysis. This suite separates business rules and business logic that helps users modify business operations with flexibility, resulting in operational excellence and further cost benefits. Business processes are stored and displayed in the ‘iCAST Financial Process Box’, making it easy for institutions to instantly customise and define new processes. Business processes and rules will become major corporate assets in future as regulatory authorities make it mandatory for firms. With real-time visibility of problems and opportunities, lightning speed reaction and process changing ability will accelerate the organisation far ahead of the competition. Visual modelling, coupled with XBRL Process taxonomies, help integrate historical and operational data for in-depth and transparent analysis. The power of ‘rule enabled processes’ goes beyond traditional by making business rules a core component of the process management suite. This convergence makes iCAST unique and in a class of its own.